What is this all about?

We all have foods that make us feel warm and happy. This site is used to showcase some of our favorites with recipes and detailed instructions. These include main dishes, desserts, sides, party favorites and many more. Some of the recipes we received from our family and friends. Others are our own takes on the classics. A few are original inventions.


Bill is a trained chef although he doesn't do it for a living. He brings a touch of credibility, professionalism, and healthy criticism to the whole enterprise.


Alex is a trainee pathologist and an amateur cook and baker. He also is (for the most part) the brains behind the code for this project.

Why ads? - The website is a non-profit enterprise. The advertising helps to pay for hosting and maintenance. We do our best to keep the ads to a minimum.

We would like to thank everyone who supports our website by sharing recipes and spreading the word.